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Why should you buy Spytector keylogger? Get the facts!

Keyloggers for Windows 10
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Why should you buy Spytector instead of using a free keylogger?

Well, ask yourself this: why would anyone spend the time and money to create (and update!) a free keylogger? The free keyloggers are usually bundled with viruses that can compromise your PC and steal your confidential data. On a sensitive area like computer monitoring you should use a safe keylogger. It's better not to use a keylogger at all than to use a free one... You shouldn't risk sensitive information like credit card details or facebook login being intercepted by criminals. And in the case the free keylogger isn't packed with any virus, it still won't work because it's detected by the antivirus. The fact is any keylogger that is publicly available becomes detected in a very short time.

And here is the main reason why you should buy Spytector instead of other legitimate keyloggers: we build Spytectors on a daily basis. This means each Spytector version is shared by only a small number of customers, in this way the detections being kept as low as possible. Most of the other paid-for keyloggers are updated monthly or even less often. We strongly believe Spytector is the most undetectable remote keylogger you can buy on the Internet.

We've also developed a lite version of Spytector keylogger. Spytector Lite was coded from scratch and uses a different approach for PC monitoring. See it here.

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Secure online payment through BMT Micro
For your convenience, you can buy the license for the full version through BMT Micro. Once your payment has been completed, the required registration information and a download link for the full version are delivered to you via email within 12 hours (most likely it'll be sent within minutes). BMT Micro accepts payments with PayPal, major credit cards, SWITCH/SOLO, mail/fax. Upon purchase, your credit card statement will reflect a purchase from BMT Micro (the exact details of your purchase aren't disclosed).

Please make sure you have tested the trial version of the software on your Windows platform, read the License Agreement and our refund policy. You should purchase Spytector only if it fits your needs. You can start the secure online order process by clicking below, according to the most suitable option:

Secure Order
Sale: $64.95 $94.95
2 Months Support (1)
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1 Year Support(1)
Sale: $229.95 $344.95
Lifetime Support (1)
Email Account
2 Months, 100MB (2)
FTP Account
2 Months, 100MB (3)

(1) During the support period you'll receive new versions (upgrades) and fixes. If your Spytector keylogger gets detected when scanned with antiviruses (Norton AV, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky AV, AVG, McAfee, Panda, Avast, TrendMicro) within the support period, you'll receive a new undetectable keylogger as soon as possible (usually in less than 48 hours).

(2) Your email account ([email protected]) will work with Spytector keylogger for logs delivery. Your email account privacy is guaranteed. Please note that you won't receive Spytector keylogger if you purchase only an email account.

(3) Your FTP account (ftp.spytector.com) will work with Spytector keylogger for logs delivery. Your FTP account privacy is guaranteed. Please note that you won't receive Spytector keylogger if you purchase only an FTP account.
Extra discounts
Spytector.com offers 50% discount to government agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations on current listed prices.

If you are eligible for the discount, please email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

When contacting us, please make sure you use your official email address and not one of the free ones.
More info
Spytector full version benefits:

  • undetectable for all well known antivirus programs

  • access to all the features
  • free updates (new versions) within the support period
  • premier technical support

If, for a reason or another, you cannot use BMT Micro service please contact us and we'll try to use alternative payment methods like Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Western Union.

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