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Keystroke Logger - Purpose

If a personal computer is shared, particularly if it happens regularly and with many subjects, it's natural that the PC owner would feel a degree of curiosity, if not exactly need, to know what others have been doing in their absence. But while spying on children, partners or friends' computer activity purely out of curiosity may seem like a breach of their privacy, there are serious reasons why one should be aware of what others do when using their computer.

That is one of the main reasons why keyloggers like Spytector exist. Spytector is an advanced, undetectable keyloger software which logs all the chosen computers' activity, both online and offline, and compiles logs, which can be checked locally at the end of the day or sent to the owner or interested party's email - all while staying invisible.

While not everyone is aware of their existence, or at least of their actual name, keystroke loggers are actually quite infamous, as they are frequently used by husbands or wives who are considered to be extremely jealous, or even paranoid to track their partner's activity on chats and social media and confirm or dislodge their suspicions that they may have cheated. Of course, a lot of times they end up disappointed, as there is no actual evidence of infidelity to be found, but they are also proved right occasionally, in which case the logs can be quite useful during the divorce litigation, for instance.

As conniving as stories like these will make the use of keyloggers look, there are in fact quite reasonable and legitimate reasons why PC owners should install Spytector on their computers, such as protecting their family or their privacy.

Keylogger software like Spytector doesn't only keep tabs on a user's activity, but can also restrict that activity while controlling remotely. That allows the computer's owner to see if another user violates their files, and thus react accordingly by confronting them or prohibiting them from using the computer, or more stealthily, simply restrict their access in a way they will never realize it's even been done.

Spytector - Undetectable Keystroke Logger

Keyloggers for Windows 10
Windows 10 Compatible
32-bit and 64-bit

Don't think twice, this is the perfect keylogger!

Spytector is the ultimate invisible and undetectable keystroke logger that completely meets your PC monitoring and surveillance requirements. Spytector monitoring software is running in total stealth, undetected even for advanced users - it is the best option for monitoring the way your computer is used.

Spytector key loger is compatible with Windows 2k, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit).

Key Logger Features & Monitoring Options

  • keystrokes, websites, chat (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger)
  • applications, keylogging filter, clipboard monitoring
  • boot events, passwords, URL history
  • smart keylogging (BACKSPACE is applied)
  • FTP and Email log delivery
  • remotely deployable
  • finds the locally stored passwords for Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, GoogleTalk, Outlook, Windows Live Messenger
  • advanced firewall bypass techniques (the keylogger is undetectable by many local firewalls)
  • various options to uninstall the keylogger
  • password protected configuration
  • and many more...

Spytector - The Perfect Keylogger For Employers

The Keylogger Can Help Your Business

A lot of employers look at employee monitoring software (keyloggers) as nothing more than a way to be sure that their employees are staying on task. This, however, isn't the only purpose associated with Spytector's employee monitoring software. It can also be used to find valuable information that can help businesses understand how their employees are using their computers on a daily basis.

What types of files are they visiting? How much time are they spending on those files? Are they downloading different types of software into their computers? How often are they browsing the web? Is their web browsing being used mostly for work purposes or is it generally non-work-related? Are they using the proper programs and applications to work as efficiently as possible?

This is obviously quite the list of questions. The great thing about Spytector and their software is that it can be used to answer every single one of these questions in a detailed manner.

Let's take a further look into the different things the Spytector employee monitoring software can do in order to improve the efficiency of your employees:
Web Browsing
While most employers are simply looking to find out how much time their employees are spending browsing the web, this can also be used to check out what times are most popular for non-work-related activities. This can help employers determine different points throughout the day where they can give their employees a short break to do as they please, therefore improving trust.
File Usage
Finding out what files were accessed and how long they were accessed for can help an employer determine whether or not their file system can be accessed efficiently. If it's not being accessed very efficiently, they can then look for ways to improve on the process or train their employees on how to better use the current file system.
Downloaded Software
Spytector invisible keylogger can also be used to see what type of software is being downloaded and installed on employee's computers. This can help employers to analyze the software that is most often used.
Program and Application Usage
What types of programs and applications are being visited by the most productive employees? Answering this question can help a business drastically improve their processes and become a more productive company as a whole.
At the end of the day employers don't want to be spies on their employees. They want to be able to trust that they will get their work done in an efficient manner. And, while it can't be expected that they spend every minute of their workday focused on their work, they also want to be able to trust that their employees aren't getting too far off track. Spytector keystroke logger is able to provide both of these things for employers and helps ensure that the workplace is as efficient and well run as possible.