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Parental Control Keylogger

Spytector keylogger can be used as a parental control software.

Spytector is a parental control software that allows a parent to monitor or limit what a child can see or do on the Internet (on the computer in general). Spytector spy software can be used to block specific applications (games, movie players etc.) and websites (Facebook, adult sites etc.). Spytector parental control software is highly undetectable, it's not visible in any way to the monitored user (100% invisible in all Windows Task Managers). The spy software records and stores all logfiles without any user notification.

Spytector is a shareware parental control keylogger. The trial version of Spytector is fully functional, but the module will be automatically uninstalled after sending 3 logs and the warning message cannot be changed (there's a pop-up warning displayed whenever the keylogger is started). You are able to evaluate its functionality for 7 days before making a purchase. If you decide to buy Spytector, besides the unlimited access, you'll receive free updates (new versions) and premier technical support.

The full version of Spytector will be undetected when scanned (RightClick -> Scan) with the following antiviruses: Norton AV, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky AV, McAfee, Panda, AVG, Avast, TrendMicro. The license for the full version of Spytector parental control software can be purchased here. Once your payment has been completed, the required registration information and a download link for the full version are delivered via email as soon as possible.

Spytector Undetectable Keylogger

Keyloggers for Windows 8
Windows 11 compatible
32-bit and 64-bit

The new undetectable version of the award-winning keylogger (parental control software) is available for download.

Spytector is the ultimate invisible and undetectable keylogger that completely meets your PC monitoring and surveillance requirements. Spytector keylogger is running in total stealth, undetected even for advanced users, perfect for monitoring the way your PC is used.

The trial version of Spytector is detected by few antivirus applications, even if it's not a trojan or a hacking tool. Therefore you should temporarily disable your AV while testing the trial version. The full version of Spytector is undetected when scanned with all the well known antivirus products. Our powerful and professional key logger can be used by home and corporate users. All the PC activity is stored in secured encrypted log files. The logs are received either by email or FTP (the log sending procedure is invisible and undetectable for many local firewalls) and afterwards they can be converted in eye catching reports by the in-built Log Viewer. The full colored logs can be saved as RTF or HTML files.

Spytector is completely stealth on the user's desktop and cannot be seen in the Task Manager - it's deeply hidden in the system!

The current version of Spytector is compatible with Windows 2k, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 (32bit and 64bit).
Parental Control Software

Importance of Parental Control Software to Deter Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has unfortunately become a major problem in the online atmosphere. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have each had their fair share of issues with this epidemic. It is important for parents to understand the role that they and parental controls can play in preventing and confronting cyber bullying before it gets to the point where it can no longer be controlled.
Understanding Cyber Bullying
Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place electronically. This can involve social media sites, chat rooms, messaging systems, and can also include texting. Over 40% of all teens have admitted to being cyber bullied through one of these outlets, meaning 2 out of 5 kids have been victims of electronic bullying.

The most important thing to understand about cyber bullying is the potential consequences that can come with it. It has been noted that cyber bullying victims are as much as 9x more likely to commit suicide than someone who has never been bullied. That is an extremely staggering and scary number to think about.

With the potential dangerous consequences surrounding this problem, it is incredibly important that parents are made aware of any bullying issues as soon as possible so they can immediately confront the situation and prevent it from happening in the future. The problem for parents, however, is that only one in ten victims will ever let an adult figure know about any bullying that is taking place.

So how can a parent become more aware about potential cyber bullying scenarios? By using parental controls to monitor the different messaging systems and social media platforms where bullying has become so popular.
Using Parental Control Software to Prevent It
Another staggering statistic about cyber bullying is that 9 out of 10 teens who have seen someone being cyber bullied have admitted to not doing anything to stop it. That places the onus on parents to make sure that they're able to do everything in their power to prevent it.

Parental control software can be a great tool in helping parents prevent their children from being cyber bullied. It can also be useful for parents in making sure that their children aren't actually the ones doing the bullying to other kids.

Keylogging software can help parents figure out the username and passwords associated with their child's social media sites, allowing them to see the scripts of the different chats that their children have had. This information can also be used to browse through the news feeds of their kids to see if any cyber bullying is happening throughout their group of friends that could potentially be prevented.

The blocking features of parental control software can help parents to prevent their children from going to sites or chat rooms that may be potential problem areas for them. This can be especially useful for a parent to block a site where their child has been bullied before.
While parental control software is essential to helping prevent and confront cyber bullying, it's also important that parents are aware that there are other ways that bullying can take place. Parents should be aware and informed of their child's social circles so they can do their absolute best in preventing cyber bullying in the same way that parental control software can.