Spytector Free Keylogger - the Best Undetectable Keylogger for Windows 11

Google Chrome Passwords Finder

Spytector is able to decrypt the passwords stored in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera!

Spytector keylogger can be configured to include the usernames and passwords stored in Google Chrome browser at the beginning of the logs. More than the Chrome passwords, the keystroke logger can also retrieve the locally stored passwords for newest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Vivaldi, Outlook etc. The password recovery feature cannot be seen in other commercial keyloggers and does really put Spytector ahead of the competition.

Spytector is a shareware key logger (spy software). The trial version of Spytector is fully functional, but the module will be automatically uninstalled after sending 3 logs and the warning message cannot be changed (there's a pop-up warning displayed whenever the keylogger is started). You are able to evaluate its functionality for 7 days before making a purchase. If you decide to buy Spytector, besides the unlimited access, you'll receive free updates (new versions) and premier technical support.

The full version of Spytector will be undetected when scanned (RightClick -> Scan) with the following antiviruses: Norton AV, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky AV, McAfee, Panda, AVG, Avast, TrendMicro. The license for the full version of Spytector spy software can be purchased here. Once your payment has been completed, the required registration information and a download link for the full version are delivered via email as soon as possible.

Spytector Undetectable Keylogger

Keyloggers for Windows 8
Windows 11 compatible
32-bit and 64-bit

The new undetectable version of the award-winning keylogger (parental control software) is available for download.

Spytector is the ultimate invisible and undetectable keylogger that completely meets your PC monitoring and surveillance requirements. Spytector monitoring software is running in total stealth, undetected even for advanced users - it is the best option for monitoring the way your computer is used.

The trial version of Spytector is detected by few antivirus applications, even if it's not a trojan or a hacking tool. Therefore you should temporarily disable your AV while testing the trial version. The full version of Spytector is undetected when scanned with all the well known antivirus products. Our powerful and professional key logger can be used by home and corporate users. All the PC activity is stored in secured encrypted log files. The logs are received either by email or FTP (the log sending procedure is invisible and undetectable for many local firewalls) and afterwards they can be converted in eye catching reports by the in-built Log Viewer. The full colored logs can be saved as RTF or HTML files.

Spytector is completely stealth on the user's desktop and cannot be seen in the Task Manager - it's deeply hidden in the system!

The current version of Spytector is compatible with Windows 2k, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 (32bit and 64bit).
Google Chrome Keylogger

The Importance Of Internet Monitoring

There are many safety options for your computer. The two most popular are monitors and filters. Deciding what type of protection to use for the Internet can be frustrating. So, it is helpful to compare the pros and cons of these different choices.

Some people have filters, i.e. parental controls and certain blockers with their Internet service or operating system. These filters give you the ability to set up rules and pre-determined lists. These functions have the power to allow or deny certain chat rooms, websites, and instant messages. Not to mention downloads and e-mails.

Parents and employers feel that these blocks are necessary in preventing improper usage of the computer. Filters do have benefits, but some feel they are too restrictive. Sometimes these filters are so limiting that when you want to legitimately use the computer you are denied.

Filtering And Recording

A monitor sometimes referred to as spy software, has a different spin on the filter. This system lets you know who is talking to whom. It lets you see what is being said and how frequently they are saying it. It obtains verbiage used from both computers during a conversation. The monitors record any incoming and outgoing E-mails and activity while surfing the Internet. The best part about it is that your employee or child, etc. has no idea it is occurring.

If the person that is using the computer can log into your account, they can change the filters. They can also change them back leaving you in the dark. Monitors give you an extra set of eyes while you are not in the room. The internet is a dangerous place for children and employees should not take advantage of the net during work hours.

Basically, filters are more restricting and monitors are more discrete. Monitors have more pros than filters. Monitors give people the ability to not feel restricted, when they should not be. Monitors give you all the answers, filters leave you with questions.