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Spytector Offers Discounts To Help Organizations Fight "Cyberloafing"

September 25, 2014
Los Angeles, CA [PRWEB]

Spytector Offers Discounts To Help Organizations Fight "Cyberloafing"

Leading Keylogger Software Developer Offers 50% Discount To Schools and Non-Profits To Help Stop Personal Surfing During School Or Work Hours

Spytector, one of the nation's most prominent providers of computer monitoring and keylogger software, has announced that as of September 25, 2014 it will provide its industry-leading products to all government agencies, non-profit organizations and bona-fide educational institutions at a 50% discount. Spytector is one of the only keylogging products available which is undetectable by workers being monitored.

A study conducted by Joseph C. Ugrin and J. Michael Pearson at Kansas State University and published in the May, 2013 issue of the journal Computers In Human Behavior [http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S074756321200310X] has found that workers with online access spend an average of 60 to 80 percent of their work day surfing websites unrelated to their jobs. The research into the activity known as "cyberloafing" discovered that younger employees usually spend their time on social sharing sites, while older ones are more likely to shop and bank online while they're at work.

The research team also found that most young employees did not think they were doing anything wrong by social networking at work, and that the only thing which would deter them would be seeing other co-workers punished because of their personal online activities.

Many businesses have found it difficult to effectively monitor the computer activities of their workforce because the majority of keylogging and spying products are easily detectable. A large percentage of those software programs even set off anti-virus programs on the employees' devices.

Spytector was developed to provide companies and other organizations a viable way to reliably monitor online activity in their offices. The software runs in "stealth" mode so users are unaware that the sites they visit are being recorded, and it does not trigger anti-virus programs. Keylogging, chat logging, URL recording, even clipboard monitoring are all built-in functions, with a number of options also available such as warning messages, delayed activation and a choice of viewing methods for all logged activities.

There's been much debate over the propriety of monitoring employees' online habits, with right-to-privacy organizations and ethicists arguing that companies have a moral obligation not to "snoop" on their workers. Some studies also claim that employee monitoring leads to lower morale in the workforce.

However, federal law has repeatedly been interpreted to allow employers, who provide internet and email access to workers, to intercept and monitor their employees' communications. A number of companies have successfully argued in court that monitoring is vital to their business interests, protecting against abuse of company time and resources, and also against theft of trade secrets and corporate espionage.

Programs like Spytector are effective in all of those cases, and many large corporations and organizations have come to rely on monitoring and keylogging software to safeguard their intangible assets while ensuring that employees' time is actually spent on work-related activity.

A number of non-profit organizations and educational institutions have inquired about the availability and cost of installing Spytector on their systems, which is why the company has decided to offer a 50% discount to those groups. They're also extending the discount to all government agencies who would like to purchase the software.

Detailed information on the product licensing can be found at http://www.spytector.com/purchase.html.
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