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Parent Monitoring - Keeping Children Safe Online With Spytector

January 20, 2015

Keeping Children Safe Online With Spytector

Children these days, like most people, are used to being online and connected to some kind of device at all times for various reasons, from listening to music, doing their homework, doing research, playing games, to connecting with their friends through chat rooms, IM services and other communication apps and websites.

The connectedness of this age has normalized online communication at all ages, and through an increased and improved effort to raise awareness of the dangers of being online, sharing personal information and views and connecting with strangers, some of these dangers have been brought to the forefront of society as well as parents' attention, and thus reduced to a certain level.

The Dangers Associated With The Activity

However, even if kids and teens aren't as vulnerable to pedophiles and impostors anymore, other dangers prevail online, as it's been shown by recent events, including online bullying, also known as 'trolling', and religious radicalization of youths on social network platforms, as well as stolen identities and personal information, as shown by the recent celebrity hacking scandals.

For that reason, and even if it may be slightly embarrassing or off-putting, and even cause strain in parent-child relationships, monitoring children and teens' online activity, especially remotely, is not only acceptable, but in most cases even advisable, to ensure they only partake in safe behaviors while surfing the web.
Seeking Perfect Protection? Spytector Is The Answer
That is why keyloggers - applications which track and monitor a PC users' activity - like Spytector can become a parent's best friend. This award-winning program is one of the best and most advanced of its kind, tracking the computer's logs while staying invisible then sending them directly to the parent's email account so they can be sure their little ones are only doing what they should while browsing the Internet.

It may seem conniving, and perhaps controlling, to track kids' activity remotely, but it also saves parents from awkward situations, like having to confront their kids, or finding out much too late that they have been engaging in unsafe or inappropriate behavior, and provides the option of knowing their kids are safe when they can't be present, in turn offering invaluable peace of mind to them.
Restricting Inappropriate Websites
Besides providing parents with invaluable information about their children's computer activities, Spytector can also help by restricting the computer's access to certain websites and features, while staying undetected even to anti-virus software, creating an illusion of virtual freedom in children and teens, while tracking them, so they can stay fully safe while using the computer.

Monitoring isn't controlling, but rather remote parental guidance. Making sure kids and teens are only engaging in safe behavior, by being aware of who they talk to on chat rooms and IM services, as well as what they look for in search engines and share on social networks is not only a way to protect them from others, but also to avoid future problems, protecting them for their own inappropriate behavior, and knowing about anything possibly problematic beforehand, so as to be ready to deal with the issue if it ever arises.
A Final Word
Parent monitoring is good parenting in the age of information and communication, and using a keylogger, especially one which is undetectable like Spytector can grant amazing results without ever alerting the children, making it an ideal solution for those looking for the best way to keep their kids safe while browsing the web.