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June 26, 2016

You Can Use Spytector To Protect Your Company

Computer Monitoring at the Workplace

The Internet has good and bad sides to it. On one hand, people can use the Internet to stay connected to their friends and family even if they are not physically close to them. However, since the Internet also provides a vast amount of information that can be accessed with clicks and keystrokes, there is also a tendency for people to abuse and use it to their own selfish benefits.

The threat of secret company information being leaked by employees or of employees slacking off during office hours is always something that companies think about and try to prevent. Many companies today are using Spytector in order to make sure that employees do not break any rules and do not jeopardize the name of the company.

If you are heading a newly established company and are thinking of reasons how you can use Spytector to protect your company, here are some of the most basic ways for you to do so.

When employees abuse company computers, as well as internet access provided by those computers, it can leave companies in trouble. Email messages sent through company computers, for example, are some of the most common evidence used in lawsuits.

To prevent such instances resulting from an employee wrongfully using a company computer, it is necessary for the company to strictly enforce its policy on business-only computer use. The company must inform its employees that the email system in the company premises shall only be used solely for business purposes. Any sort of email use that does not fall under this purpose shall be subject to disciplinary action. Among the infractions or violations of this policy are harassment of any kind, downloading business irrelevant files such as mp3 files or harmful software such as computer viruses, and any form of violence against other employees.

Let employees understand that their company emails will be monitored. Any form of unauthorized personal use of emails should be dealt with just like any other form of policy violation. Regardless of what you do, never allow the circulation of private emails. If this practice is left unmonitored, it can lead to invasion of privacy or defamation lawsuits.

You can ask some of the IT experts in your company to attach disclaimers to outgoing emails. The disclaimer should clearly state the company's monitoring policy. Here is a sample you can use:
Given that communications through the Internet can be insecure in some situations, Company XYZ does not accept any legal responsibility for this message's contents. Company XYZ, however, reserves the right to monitor this message transmission, and will take the responsible actions if any sort of abuse of this email system is detected.

The information provided in this message is intended only for the email addressee. If you are not the rightful recipient of this message, any form of copying, disclosure, distribution, or any action in relation to those mentioned, are not allowed and are considered to be against the law.

Messages like this will inform people of the company's neutrality against whatever is written in email messages. At the same time, it highlights the company's rights as the owner of the email system.