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Employee Monitoring - Use A Keylogger For PEACE

January 02, 2018

Use Spytector Keylogger For PEACE

Computer Monitoring at the Workplace

At first, some employees may find it a little awkward to know that their use of computers and other company equipment is monitored. It may sound like an intrusion to one's private ways of accomplishing his tasks in the position he is uniquely designated. However, a better understanding of the employee monitoring software can erase these doubts and uneasiness.

To make the most of this software, the acronym, PEACE, can be aptly used. The five elements of a keylogger are: practicality, efficiency, administration, courtesy and energy.

P - practicality. When one needs to maximize the use of his resources, he should know how they are used. Monitoring the activities of the employees and how they use company resources will surely lead to a better understanding of the flow of tasks and information. This also creates an atmosphere of transparency and trust. Transparency leads to a feeling of confidence and security. Trust, on the other hand, breeds a higher self-worth and a sense of significance to the organization.

E - efficiency. It cannot be denied that a lack of monitoring can sometimes lead to less motivation to work to one’s best capacity. Since there is no one watching, it is human nature to tend to slow down. The result is a lack motivation to excel or to hasten the completion of certain tasks. On the other hand, when one knows he is being monitored, he becomes careful to do as ordered. Moreover, if this monitoring is coupled with rewards or recognition, employees are motivated to do better and indulge in a little healthy competition.

A - administration. Close monitoring of the overall operating systems will be a good way of improving management strategies. When problems are identified and solved in a timely manner, operations will be smoother. Relationship among employees, between superiors and subordinates, as well as the clients and suppliers would also be improved. Likewise, the communication flow is streamlined and made more effective. Dynamic administration is achieved when the management is aware of what the company's employees are doing.

C - courtesy. Relationships within the system are improved if there is mutual respect and equality. This is related to transparency and being aware of one's rights and limitations. It has to be made clear that the monitoring system is not being used to control the human factor. Instead, it is an operational component that paves the way for better information management for the business.

E - energy. The use of material and human resources appropriately can conserve energy and reduce losses. The information from the monitoring software can guide the company in the prudent use of its resources. This will give the company more power to maximize its resources and put more value in the work rendered by its employees. This is results in a win-win situation wherein both the employees and the employers are happy and satisfied with the way the business operates. Consequently, this will translate to better products and services and more satisfied customers.

The use of computer monitoring software may naturally be met with skepticism and opposition at first. But when the employees understand the PEACE in this system, they will eventually embrace it with full confidence that it is for everybody's advantage.