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January 10, 2016

Spytector Is Making Your Workplace Safer

Internet Monitoring Software for the Workplace

For businesses that rely heavily on online transactions, it is a good idea for the employer to get a computer monitoring software program, especially one that is specifically tailored to track all Internet transactions done by his or her employees. This is not to simply satisfy the employer's curiosity, of course, nor is it to violate the employees' right to privacy.

Internet monitoring software is beneficial not only for the employer, but for the employees as well. At first glance, this may seem dubious, and those who do not truly understand the concept behind computer and employee monitoring may protest that this practice disrespects an employee's privacy. However, closer examination will prove that employee monitoring does not benefit just the employer but the employees as well.
Benefits For The Employer
Granted, the employer will benefit the most from installing an Internet monitoring system in the workplace. This will help him keep an eye on his subordinates, and track their progress on a day-to-day basis. By monitoring his employees' daily Internet activities, the employer is made aware of how each individual performs and contributes to the overall success (or failure) or the company.

Internet monitoring software is also designed to check incoming and outgoing e-mails. This helps the employer keep track of what is being said about the business, or specific individuals in the company. Doing this may prevent small incidents from turning into full-scale problems, since the employer has the advantage of knowing beforehand what problems may arise in upcoming days.

By checking the keystroke activities of each employee, the employer is also made aware of their website surfing activities. The employer can check if Employee A is spending too much time on Facebook rather than finishing his report, or if Employee B is doing extra online research for a major project due the following month. The keystroke logging software will keep a record of every instance than an employee uses his assigned computer or laptop for personal transactions (e.g., online shopping, video streaming), and when the same employee is maximizing the Internet connection to improve the quality of his work. Knowing this will help the employer give commendation to those who are due them, and reprimands to those who deserve them.
Benefits For The Employee
Although it may seem that the employee is getting the short stick of the deal, in reality, Internet monitoring is actually beneficial to them, too.

For one, keystroke logging software is equipped with malware detection and protection. This means that when an employee accidentally clicks on a bad link which should have brought him to a suspicious site or cause a hacker to gain access of the employee's computer, the software will flag the site instead and stop it from breaking into the company's network system. This is beneficial not only to the company but to the employee as well, since there is a big possibility that all his files and even personal information will be affected, should a hacker succeed in accessing his laptop via the Internet.
The good thing about most keystroke logging software is that it can be accessed at any time and anywhere, as long as the employer has a good Internet connection.

Checking on the employees' performance is expected, and most of them will not begrudge the company for it, especially if they are doing their job properly.