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Employee Monitoring - Taking Care of the Wasted Time Dilemma

May 02, 2020

Taking Care of the Wasted Time Dilemma

Wasting time in the workforce is certainly not a new thing. What is new, however, is the development of different ways for your employees to actually waste their time. Never has there been more avenues and options for your workers to spend time doing things other than their work.

The main culprit of the wasted time has come from the many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Shopping sites like Amazon and Ebay have also become popular sites for employees to spend a good amount of their working hours.

A survey done by survey.com recently revealed that over 60% of employees that were surveyed admitted to visiting non work related sites on a daily basis. I would guess that that number is actually much higher than that, meaning that employees wasting time has become a bit of an epidemic.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

As an employer, you're running a business that you intend to make you money. When your employees are wasting massive amounts of time, it has the potential to have a serious impact on your business and what you need to do to succeed. That's where employee monitoring software can become useful.

Obviously the major benefit of any type of employee monitoring software is that you have the ability to see what your employees are doing at any given time, therefore enabling you to confront situations where time is being wasted. Avoiding wasted time altogether is never going to be possible. Minimizing it, however, is a possibility with software like Spytector.

One of the great benefits of using Spytector is that it is a completely invisible and undetectable computer monitoring software. Also, as long as the full version is installed, Spytector has the ability to evade the detecting eyes of all the major antivirus software out there, hence letting your employees behave as normally as they usually do and helping you discover their genuine way of working on a daily basis.

Another benefit of Spytector is that it gives you the opportunity to see the amount of clicks and keystrokes that take place every hour on an employees work computer. This means that even if they're using their smartphones to waste time, employers will still have the opportunity to see the productivity of an employee.
You'll need to understand from the very beginning that there are going to be a lot of things that you see on your employees' computers that you are going to wish that you hadn't seen. People have all different types of personalities and interests, and there will certainly be some shock involved if you decide to look deeply into exactly what your employers are doing at all times. While Spytector does have the ability to recover things like passwords and chat messenger information, it is highly suggested that you use the software only for the purpose of improving your worker's efficiency.

Opposition of Employee Monitoring

Opposition of employee monitoring might say that people are not going to work harder just because they know they are being watched. But, at the end of the day, that is simply not the point of a program like Spytector. The main goal of the program is to prevent as much wasted time as possible.

One of the biggest arguments against any type of employee monitoring software would be that it simply isn't ethical to watch the things your workers are doing on their computers. While there is certainly some truth to that, the same could be said of your workers. As an employer monitoring your employees, aren't you simply trying to prevent your workers from doing things that are unethical while at work?

Taking advantage of your employer would certainly be considered an unethical practice to most people. While an entire book could be written about the ethics or moral basis for monitoring your employees, if your intentions for using the Spytector software stop at preventing them from being unethical while at work then doing so doesn't seem to have an unmoral basis.
How Machiavelli Taught Us About Employee Monitoring
It was almost 500 years ago that Niccolo Machiavelli determined in his classic work The Prince that it is better to be feared than loved as a leader. Nothing has changed along those lines. While both sides have their advantages, you're always going to be vulnerable to be taken advantage of if you're not feared by the people working under you.

This isn't to say that you need to be disliked or hated as a leader, just to say that you should be feared and respected. Employees need to understand that you're doing what you do to make money. Since you're paying them for their services, any time wasted by them is money lost for you. If there isn't a precedent set that says that wasted time and money won't be acceptable then the opportunity for employees to take advantage of you is raised and in fact highly likely.
Things You Can Do With Spytector
There are a few things that you can do with employee monitoring software that have the possibility of increasing productivity in your employees. Giving your employees a few extra short breaks throughout the day certainly wouldn't hurt.

For some reason there seems to be something in the subconscious mind that makes people want to do the things that they're told they're not allowed to do. Just about everyone has been that way since they were youngsters. Giving your employees a few opportunities a day to actually use their time as they please and surf the internet may help preventing it from happening while they're actually supposed to be working.
The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that employee monitoring is a necessity in today's workplace. While employers would love to be able to trust their employees completely, the distraction landscape that has been created in today's technological world makes that nearly impossible.

Let's make one thing clear - employers should not be delusional enough to think that employees are going to be busting their rear ends every single minute that they are in the office. That's just going to happen in any type of atmosphere no matter what type of motivation or fear is present. What can happen, however, is that employers and employees can develop a relationship where they understand what is expected of each other.
The final say...
Being in business is about making money. Wasted time means wasted money. Spytector keylogger software allows employers to monitor what is causing that wasted time and money, therefore allowing them to take care of the situation.