Spytector is the most undetectable keylogger available on the market! Windows 10 Keylogger | FUD Keylogger

Spytector Keylogger

Spytector - the new version of the undetectable keylogger is waiting for you!

Spytector is the ultimate invisible and undetectable keylogger (keystroke logger) that completely meets your computer monitoring and surveillance requirements. Spytector is running in total stealth, undetectable even for savvy users - it is the perfect keylogger for monitoring the way your computer is used.

Not only our spy software is running undetected by the monitored users, it is undetected by antivirus programs too. Yes, you read it right! This is where our keylogger comes in: Spytector is undetectable when scanned with all the well known antivirus products! Please note, the AV programs are over-reacting and start detecting the legitimate keyloggers too - so the public trial version of Spytector is detected by few antivirus programs. Of course, the detection problem is solved if you purchase the full version. As we build Spytectors on a daily basis, the full version received by the customers will be undetected for all the well known antivirus products.

Spytector is widely considered the perfect keylogger for both home and corporate users. All the monitored activity is stored in securely encrypted log files. The logs are received either by email or FTP (the log sending procedure is invisible and undetectable for many local firewalls) and afterwards they can be converted in eye catching reports by the in-built Log Viewer. The full colored logs can be saved as RTF or HTML files.

Spytector is completely stealth on the user's desktop and cannot be seen in the Task Manager - the stealth keylogger is deeply concealed in the system!

The current version of Spytector is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32bit / 64bit).

What's new: improved stealth techniques; feature to retrieve the passwords stored in newest versions of Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, GoogleTalk, Outlook, Windows Live Messenger etc.; numerous internal improvements and fixes

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Employee Monitoring Is Needed

What are your employees doing behind your back?
You're running a business. Your employees fuel your business, but there are a seemingly infinite number of ways that they can harm it, too.

The obvious one that business owners think about is lawsuits. Let's say you own Poland Springs, and one of your drivers hits another truck. That's a pain for you, and money out of your pocket.

However, business owners - especially those who aren't in a tech field - usually don't consider the potential ramifications of letting employees browse the web unmonitored. There are a number of risks to this, and they're increased tenfold when you have a company server (with sensitive data) on the same internet connection.
Risk #1 - Hackers, Viruses & Malware (the biggest)
Okay, listen up. Even if you are tech-savvy, that doesn't mean that every single one of your employees will be. And even if they are, malicious hackers are getting pretty good these days.

What's the risk?

Even one slipup from an employee can mean a large-scale security leak. It makes sense when you think about it. Are hackers going after Grandma's computer, where the only information on it is her favorite apple pie recipe and 50 photos of her grandchildren? Not at all. They're going after you - the business with the valuable customer information and other data.

It's not like an employee will accidentally download a virus and then the antivirus will immediately begin to flash. Most viruses work in background, meaning that the employee installs a malicious program and nothing appears to happen. Viruses coded by experienced programmers won't be detected by a standard antivirus program - they'll run the .exe, and the virus will be on there for life.

And it's just that simple. A little scary, no?

Pfft, that would never happen...

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Key Logger Features & Monitoring Options
  • keystrokes, websites, chat (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger)
  • applications, keylogging filter, clipboard monitoring
  • boot events, passwords, URL history
  • smart keylogging (BACKSPACE is applied)
  • FTP and Email log delivery
  • remotely deployable
  • finds the locally stored passwords for Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, GoogleTalk, Outlook, Windows Live Messenger
  • the logs can be received either when they reach a minimum size or on a daily basis
  • warning message configuration
  • various options to uninstall the keylogger
  • delayed activation
Security Features
  • totally invisible and undetectable spy software
  • advanced firewall bypass techniques (the monitoring software is undetectable by many local firewalls)
  • stealth reports delivery (by email & FTP)
  • local encrypted logfiles
  • optional encryption for delivered logs
  • encrypted settings
  • password protected configuration
  • option to restrict the access to specified websites and applications
Main Application Features
  • built-in log viewer utility
  • option to save the settings
  • the logs can be saved as RTF and HTML files
  • skinnable & multi-language interface
  • editable "server" name, log size etc.
  • most monitoring features can be adjusted from the main program
  • local logfile retrieving

Spytector Video - see the keystroke logger in action